Tuesday, June 7, 2016

nest learning thermostat installation

nest learning thermostat installation

everything you need for nest learning thermostat installation is in the box the instalation guide screwdriver, screws. instalation is simple

  • remove old thermostat
  • install nest base
  • connect the wires
  • attach nest display

if you haven't all ready check your system work with the thermostat go to our online compatibility checker you also get the personalize wiring guide for instalation if you thermostat is build into the wall connect to the tight wire with wire not or label 110, 120, or 240 volt you have a high voltage to system which is not compatibel with the nest thermostat dont connect your nest thermostat to this high volt to the wire.

lets get the start go to your home breaks a box and turn off the switch take control power to your heating and colling system  READ MORE..


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